K-pop idols are always trying out different trends and hairstyles, and one trend they’ve all seemed to try is the “half-up, half-down” hairstyle! Here are 10 gorgeous female idols who rocked this hairstyle, and absolutely crushed it!

1. TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE‘s Nayeon is a visual goddess, and this hairstyle just makes her visual stand out even more!

twice nay 2 twice nay 1 twice nay 3


2. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy is nothing short of perfection, and in this recent photoshoot for GQ Korea, she’s an absolute stunner!

joyy 2 joyy 3 joyy 1


3. IU

IU is a queen, and this hairstyle suits her delicate features so well!

IU HAIR 3 iu hair 2 IU HAIR 1


4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is so beautiful, she can rock any hairstyle!

jisoo 2 jisoo 1 jisoo 3


5. LOONA’s Kim Lip

LOONA‘s Kim Lip looks like a living doll in this hairstyle!

loona lip 2 loona lip 1 loona lip 3


6. Suzy

Suzy is the OG visual queen, and she absolutely rocks this “half-up, half-down” ‘do!

suzyy 2 suzyy 1 suzyy 3


7. ITZY’s Lia

ITZY‘s Lia is the prettiest in this hairstyle!

lia 2 lia 1

lia 3


8. EXID’s Hani

EXID‘s Hani is a sexy queen, and her visuals are just enhanced in this hairdo!

hanii 2 hanii 1 hanii 3


9. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s visuals are breathtaking, and she looks super pretty no matter what she does!

gg taeu 1

gg taeu 2

gg taeu 3


10. fromis_9’s Nakyung

fromis_9‘s Nakyung‘s two-toned hair was iconic, and this hairdo makes her look even prettier!

nakyungg 2 nakyungg 1 nakyungg 3