K-Pop idols are known for their friendly image and close connection to fans. Some, however, take this to the next level by practically radiating sunshine. Their bright smiles and happy auras definitely make them stand out in a crowd! Check out some examples below.

1. BTS’s J-Hope


To start off the list is sunshine himself, BTS‘s J-Hope. With his boundless energy and wide smile, he never fails to make his group members and millions of fans happy.

2. VICTON’s Byungchan


With his deep dimples, creased eyes, and resting happy face, VICTON‘s Byungchan is a sunny visual.

3. IZ*ONE’s Yuri


IZ*ONE‘s Yuri has the kind of face that makes others immediately at ease. Her bright personality adds to her amazing vocal skills.

4. EVERGLOW’s Sihyeon

This rookie girl group member may be a top visual, but Sihyeon proves that her friendly personality is on par with her looks.

5. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny


With her stage name literally being Sunny, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny deserves to be on this list without any doubt. She’s been serving smiles since 2009!

6. X1’s Dohyun

x1 dohyun

The baby of his group and this list, X1‘s Dohyun has a childlike energy that makes others happy and relaxed.

7. NCT Dream’s Jeno


NCT‘s Jeno has mature look that contrasts his young age. His smile helps reflect this age a little more, as it’s just so infectious.

8. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee


Seunghee has a big voice with an even bigger heart! Her bright aura makes everyone want to be her friend.

9. LOONA’s Chuu


The creator of the viral “Chuu Heart”, this girl group member has been spreading love since her debut. Chuu probably has one of the biggest smiles in K-Pop.

10. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo


Jisoo has a soft smile that nonetheless radiates sunshine. Her relatable, friendly aura makes everyone want to appraoch her.

11. fromis_9’s Gyuri


Gyuri often compares her looks to a puppy, and this is definitely accurate. Her friendly looks and personality help her stand out in K-Pop.

12. EXO’s Xiumin

x1 xiumin

Finally, EXO’s Xiumin may be the eldest in his group but he certainly acts like the youngest sometimes. His happy smile and friendly atmosphere make him well loved by all!