Companies are a big part of the Korean Entertainment industry, especially when it comes to music. Sometimes, a company can make or break an artist’s career. Some Korean artists choose to establish their agency, as they might want more control in their careers. Here are 10 Korean artists who established their agencies.



SHINHWA are K-Pop legends as they have been a group for over 20 years now. The group originally debuted under SM Entertainment but left to Good Entertainment once their contracts expired. They decided to create their own company, SHINHWA Company, once they left Good Entertainment.

2. Highlight


Highlight originally debuted under Cube Entertainment, as they were originally known as BEAST. Once the members left Cube Entertainment, they decided to create their label, Around Us Entertainment. The group changed their name to Highlight, as Cube Entertainment trademarked the name BEAST.

3. Kang Daniel


Despite his young age, Kang Daniel is someone who has established his agency. After the disbandment of WANNA ONE, Daniel was originally under LM Entertainment. After some legal battles with LM Entertainment, Daniel established his agency, Konnect Entertainment.

4. Hyolyn


Hyolyn originally debuted as a member of Sistar, which was under Starship Entertainment. After 7 years of being under the company, Hyolyn decided to leave and start her agency, which is called Bridge.

5. Rain


Rain has been under a couple of companies in his career, such as JYP Entertainment. Rain eventually decided to set up his own one-man company, R.A.I.N. Company.

6. Zico


After Zico departed from Block B and Seven Seasons, he decided to focus fully on his solo career. Zico also set up his label, which is called KOZ Entertainment.

7. Nam Taehyun


Nam Taehyun originally debuted under YG Entertainment as a member of WINNER. He left the company and group a few years after their debut, and he decided to establish his label, South Buyers Club.

8. Jay Park


After he departed from 2PM and JYP Entertainment, Jay Park eventually signed under SidusHQ. Jay Park also soon established his agency, AOMG.

9. Kim Sohye


Kim Sohye originally debuted as a member of I.O.I. After the group’s disbandment, Sohye decided to focus primarily on her acting career. Sohye also established her label during her time with I.O.I, which is called S&P Entertainment.

10. Super Junior

슈퍼주니어, 10년 만에 군백기 깨고 완전체 컴백

On Super Junior‘s 10’th anniversary, SM Entertainment announced that Super Junior would be managed by Label SJ, which is their exclusive label. Super Junior is a bit different from other entries on this list, but they’re one of the few SM Entertainment artists to get this kind of treatment.