The love that Korean artists have for their fans is truly one of a kind, as the relationship between the two is one that simply can’t be replicated. Some artists have even taken their love a step further, as they decided to get tattoos dedicated to their fans. Here’s a list of a couple of Korean artists with tattoos dedicated to their fans.

1. Seunghoon (WINNER)


Seunghoon has a tattoo representing WINNNER’s fandom, Inner Circle.

2. Jungkook (BTS)

jk pinterst
Source: Pinterest

Jungkook has several tattoos, one of them representing BTS’s fandom, ARMY.

3. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

Moonbyul has a tattoo that represents a timeline of important events in her life. One of them is June 19’th, which is when MAMAMOO debuted and met MooMoo‘s for the first time.

I meet my loved ones and they’re so precious to me, the first time I had a tattoo with a friend.

4. Zico


Zico was originally a member of Block B, and he has several tattoos of bees. These bees are meant to represent BBC, which is the fandom of Block B.

5. Jimin (AOA)

aoa jimin
Source: FYAOA/Twitter

Jimin has a simple tattoo that reads “ELVIS”, which is the name of AOA’s fandom.

6. Chanyeol (EXO)

Source: real__pcy/Instagram

Chanyeol has a tattoo that reads “L-1485”, which is meant to represent EXO’s fandom, EXO-L. The fandom’s name was created on August 5’th, 2014, which explains the numbers on the tattoo.

7. Taeil (Block B)


Like Zico, Taeil also has a tattoo meant to represent Block B’s fandom.

8. Jay Park


Jay Park has a tattoo on the back of his neck dedicated to his fandom, Jwalkerz.

9. Hyunsik (BTOB)


Hyunsik has a tattoo of an “M”, which is meant to stand for Melody, the name of BTOB’s fandom.

10. Jessi


Jessi has a tattoo of a swallow bird on her arm. The reason why is because Jessi’s fandom name is Jabbie, which is similar to the world “jebi”, which is the Korean word for swallow bird.