Microphones are one of the most important things to a singer, especially important to K-Pop artists. Some idols go as far as to have custom microphones made in order to add more towards a group dynamic (if they are in a K-Pop group), hold a special meaning to fans, show their personality, etc. Here are 10 K-Pop artists who have specially made microphones.

1. BTS

These microphones could be signifying each member’s respective personality and each color reflects a little part of that member.

bts mic


This could be to signify the group’s fandom color or the group’s color.

blackpink mic

3. Tiffany

A shining microphone for a bright artist, fitting.

tf mic

4. IU

IU has had multiple custom made microphones that she’s used.

iu mic

iu mic2

iu mic3

5. iKON

The red microphones could be signifying the fandom’s color of pearl red.

ikon mic


The fandom color is blue, so this could have a different meaning. Perhaps it’s because WINNER has a clean and sleek music style, or just because white is a pretty color.

winner mic

7. EXO

Each microphone could be signifying each member and their different personality traits.

exo mic

8. AB6IX

This could be because the group’s logo is red.

ab6 mic

ab6 mic 2

9. 2NE1

Different microphones for different personalities.

2ne1 mic

10. Park Hyoshin

Park Hyoshin doesn’t necessarily fit as a K-Pop artist, but he does have a unique microphone that matches his soothing vocals.