While BTS‘s Suga looks intimidating and acts tough, in reality he’s just a soft and sleepy guy with a gummy smile that can light up a whole room. So without further ado, here are 10 photos and GIFs of said gummy smile to brighten your day, and put a smile on your face!

1. Introducing lil meow meow

| ynki/Tumblr

2. Intimidating to uwu real quick

| agushadow/Tumblr

3. His precious smile featuring coca cola

| sugaa/Tumblr

4. Seriously, how can someone not smile after seeing him smile?

| @RinaVkim/Twitter

5. The pure joy that’s radiating from him is precious

| @RinaVkim/Twitter

6. Whether at a baseball game or concert, his smile is infectious

| @ETRNALGOO/Twitter

7. His smile must be protected at all costs

| @sparkly3yoons/Twitter

8. Oh, to be the person he’s smiling at…

| btsreactionmemes/Tumblr

9. Just…uwu

| btsreactionmemes/Tumblr

10. Never stop smiling and laughing, Suga!

| ynki/Tumblr