In the midst of the news involving TV personality Park Soo Hong and his lawsuit against his older brother, his cat, Dahong, is gaining attention.

Some viewers noticed a difference in Park Soo Hong’s mental health on recent TV broadcasts as he was seen crying while speaking fondly of his cat. Soo Hong stated that he couldn’t hold back his tears after seeing a comment that said, “Do you think Park Soo Hong rescued Dahong? No, it was Dahong who rescued Park Soo Hong.” This is a thoughtful observation as Soo Hong often captions #MySavior in Dahong’s Instagram posts.

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

The cat has made several TV appearances and even has his own Instagram and YouTube accounts! Dahong is extremely charming to fans as Soo Hong shared that Dahong was a stray cat that would not stop following him as he was fishing. They have been inseparable ever since.

Here are even more reasons to love this amazing cat!

1. Dahong can recognize Park Soo Hong on TV.

2. Dahong does great in a car!

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram


3. Dahong goes on walks with Soo Hong.

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

4. Dahong is totally calm when taking a bath.

| 검은고양이 다홍 Blackcat Dahong/YouTube

5. Dahong has never scratched anyone.

6. Dahong goes to the restroom!


7. Dahong has survived many surgeries, illnesses, and injuries from his past.

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

8. Dahong can do several tricks.


9. Dahong loves clothes and fashion.

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| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram

10. Most importantly, Dahong comforts his owner when he’s having a hard time.

| @blackcatdahong/Instagram