Dear Soompiers, there is something I think the world needs to know about EXO‘s Suho.

I’ve followed EXO pretty much from the beginning, and I’ll be honest: I didn’t pay much attention to Suho at first. But as I kept up with EXO’s music, watched them on TV, and was even lucky enough to attend a few of their concerts, I was surprised to find myself becoming more and more charmed by Suho. The reason? Not only is he handsome and talented, but he is just so earnest — so much so that my fellow EXO-loving friends and I coined a hashtag for him: #earnestsuho.

What do I mean by “earnest”? The definition of “earnest” is “showing sincere and intense conviction.” And doesn’t that exactly describe everything that Suho does? Whether he’s performing on stage, filming an interview, or taking care of the other EXO members, he is 100 percent #earnestsuho.

So, I present to you a mere sampling of the best moments of #earnestsuho:

1. When he sings with a lot of feelings:

2. He has so many adorkable facial expressions:

3. And he’s kinda clumsy, in the cutest (and most earnest) way:

4. He has lovely manners and is always super polite:

Even with stuffed animals!

5. Except for that time on “Weekly Idol” when Xiumin was going to do a girl group dance and Suho tried to steal his thunder:

weekly idol

And then this happened:

suho xiumin

And this:

suho alone

6. I have no idea what is happening here but it totally screams #earnestsuho:

(Seriously though, who roped him into this?)

7. So does literally every moment of “Exciting India”:

suho imitating taemin (small)

(Minho: “Stop! You’re being embarrassing!”)

8. He goes all Junmama and takes such good care of the other members:

(i.e. swipes his card for them)

suho swipe card

9. …even though they are constantly giving him crap:

10. Most of all, Suho is a strong and passionate leader who would do anything for EXO and EXO-Ls.

Hey #earnestsuho, you precious little muffin, don’t ever change. We love you!

Go forth, dear Soompiers, and spread the #earnestsuho love!

Soompiers, what do you love most about #earnestsuho?

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