BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is a visual through and through. One way she stands out is through her elegant aura, a reason why she’s frequently called “Miss Korea”. Whether it’s photoshoots, award shows, or anything in between, Jisoo looks absolutely stunning.

Check out some of her best beauty queen-esque photos below!

1. In a black floral dress

miss korea 1

2. In a thick choker and diamonds

miss korea 2

3. In simple makeup and a smile

miss korea 3

4. In a checkered Dior dress and bag

miss korea 4

5. In a bejeweled dress from top to bottom

miss korea 5

6. In all-white and large earrings

miss korea 6

7. In a pink-themed photoshoot with Jennie

miss korea 7

8. In the latest Vogue photoshoot

miss korea 8

9. In a sweet pink off-shoulder dress

miss korea 9

10. In a floral top and white skirt

miss korea 10

11. In the cover of Billboard

miss korea 11

12. In a hot and haughty gaze

miss korea 12

13. And finally, in a textured red dress only Jisoo can pull off so well

miss korea 13