Every BTS member is a visual king. They all look amazing no matter when, where, or who you look at.


Even better, they look the same with or without makeup, and Jimin is no exception! Like with Jungkook and V, he somehow seems even more gorgeous and fresh with his bare face. Check out some of the best examples below!

1. When strolling confidently into the airport


2. When showing off that Supreme beanie

jimin supreme

3. When even his rings couldn’t distract from his face

jimin blonde2

4. When he looked cute in blonde and no makeup

jimin blonde

5. When he rested in “Burn the Stage”

jimin burn the stage

6. When he took the most adorable selca

jimin smile

7. When he smiled that innocent Jimin smile

jimin grey

8. When he looked like he just woke up

jimin hoodie

9. When he went “OH~” just like his shirt


10. When his skin was the main attraction


11. When he looked fresh AF with no makeup


12. When he looked cozy in the plane

jimin plane

It’s always baby fresh skin with Jimin!