MAMAMOO‘s Solar is a vocal and visual queen, who’s gorgeous both on and offstage! Here are 10+ photos of MAMAMOO’s Solar being the sexy queen she is, and slaying the stage in the hottest crop tops!

1. This blue crop top

The blue color of this top suits Solar so much!

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2. Casual tube crop top

She looks so good in this top and joggers combo!

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3. All-black outfit

Solar shines in this all-black crop top and pants set!

DSC_8378 aerwnvm_460s DSC_8385


4. Black crop top and denim shorts

Solar’s visuals are ethereal in this outfit!

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5. White crop top and shorts

Solar looks divine in white!

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6. Pink patterned crop top and matching skirt

She looks pretty in pink!

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7. Casual green crop top

Solar’s not afraid to experiment, and totally owns this green crop top!

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8. Yellow crop top

Solar in yellow is the prettiest!

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9. Denim crop top

Solar managed to pull this all-denim outfit off perfectly!

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10. This black bralette and matching black pants and jacket!

Solar looked dangerously sexy in this outfit!

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