BTS members boast quite the teamwork and are always supportive of each other as brothers. But facts are facts; and even the strongest brotherhood of all brotherhoods cannot dispute what’s real. Here are 10 times BTS members kept each other in check by savagely dishing out the truth – and only the truth.


1. About V’s Basketball Skills

1-1 v

I like basketball… Why aren’t you asking me if I’m good at basketball?

— V


1-2 v

Because I already know you suck at it.

— Suga


2. About Suga Saving J-Hope’s Life Once Upon A Time

2-1 suga

You don’t remember? I ran all the way carrying you on my back.

— Suga


2-2 suga

Of course he doesn’t remember. That never happened.

— Jimin


3. About J-Hope Being A City Beauty

3-1 jhope

Don’t I look like a really chic guy from the city right now?

— J-Hope


3-2 jhope

No, you look like a hiker.

— Jungkook


4. About Jin Being Old

Oh man, why does Sandeul look so old?

— Jin


Because he’s your friend. You’re old too.

— Jimin


5. About J-Hope’s Spirit Animal

5-1 jhope

Wait, how do I draw a horse…?

— J-Hope


5-2 jhope

Go look in a mirror and draw what you see.

— Jungkook


6. About Suga’s Not-So-Candid Candid Photo

6-1 suga

Oh man, this was candid by J-Hope.

— Suga


6-2 jhope

Um? Candid, my butt? I took it because you wanted me to take it!

— J-Hope


7. About Jungkook vs. Flower

7-1 jungkook

Jungkook with a beautiful flower? I can barely tell which is which!

— J-Hope


7-2 jungkook

This is the flower and that is Jungkook.

— Jin


8. About RM’s Logic Behind Towel-Drying

8-1 rm

(The water) is going to dry off anyway, so why bother wiping?

— RM


8-2 rm

Oh yeah? It’s going to dry off, so why wipe – huh? Well then, we all die anyway, so why live?

— Suga


9. About Jin’s Ideal Type

I like women who have the ‘puppy face’. And I like personalities that have aegyo, like a puppy’s. I really like dogs, so I guess that’s why I base my ideal type off of puppies.

— Jin


Just date a poodle then. You two would look great together.



10. About J-Hope’s Chances of Survival

10-1 jhope

Jungkook: You’re most likely to die first in horror movies, you know.
J-Hope: How come?


10-2 jhope

Because you’d be extra dramatic about everything.

— Jungkook