Idol group 100% celebrated 300 days sine their debut with pictures and a special video announcement through their official YouTube channel.

The group celebrated this special day on July 17. The group’s leader Minwoo shared a funny picture on his Twitter and wrote, “100% 300 Days (By Minwoo, Chanyong, Hyunjik, Sanghoon).” The picture shows these members forming the number 300 with their bodies. Later on Minwoo added, “Oops! It is our 300 day anniversary, but July 17 is also Constitution Day. You all know that this is the day we celebrate the establishment of our country’s constitution, right? I hope that we remember what that means in our hearts on this day.” 

Then on 100&’s official Me2day the group announced that a special video would be shared through their YouTube channel. The video shows the members in a loose mock news report announcing their 300 day anniversary. The group announced that another special video will be revealed next week that shows the reality of their lives. The members also announced the opening of their official fan cafe.

100% can look forward to the documentary style vidoe next Wedneday at 7pm (korea time).