Following 100% member Minwoo’s tragic passing, TOP Media has announced that the group will be continuing with its Japanese concerts as scheduled.

On April 3, the agency confirmed that 100% would be holding its “100% Spring Concert 2018 – Blossom” concerts in Tokyo and Osaka on April 21 and April 30 respectively.

TOP Media stated, “After much debate and discussion with the 100% members, we plan to continue with all scheduled activities as planned. We decided to proceed with the spring concerts in Japan as scheduled in order to respect the members’ wishes to keep their promise to their fans.”

Additionally, 100% member Rockhyun will be performing in the Japanese musical “Nostalgic” from April 10 to April 12, as previously scheduled.

Minwoo, the leader of 100%, passed away unexpectedly on March 25 due to cardiac arrest.

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