When the tragic earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, aid and support was sent from around the world. Countless people donated across multiple countries. Korean stars were amongst those who felt the tragedy and many stars donated enormous amounts to help the relief effort.

JYJ is continuing to efforts to help the Japanese who are still suffering from the tragedy that happened months ago. Their latest donation comprises of 1,000 NukAlerts, which are radiation detectors. They have donated them to the city of Souma after a plea from the mayor to the Japan-Korea Economics office of the Foreign Affairs Burea and ZAK. This plea was taken very seriously and after discussions with C-JeS Entertainment, it was decided JYJ would donate the 1,000 NukAlerts that were asked for.

A number of the radiators will be distributed to the Tamana district and within these, 500 have already been sent to the government office on August 12th. There will then be 500 remaining which will be given to children in kindergartens and nursery schools on August 31st.

JYJ might have faced a string of problems and obstacles since their departure from SM Entertainment but it’s good to see that have put effort to help those in need. Let’s hope that they serve as a reminder that although the earthquake and tsunami is long gone, the effects will be felt for a long time to come, and support will always be welcomed.