K-Pop idols and their top-tier visuals are well-known, and some have very unique features that make their visuals all the more charming and alluring! Here are 11 female idols who have lovely cat eyes, which makes them look even prettier!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is probably the best-known female idol to have gorgeous cat eyes that give her a unique, exotic flair!

jennie event 62

jennie event 31

jennie event 27

jennie boots 33

jennie shoulder 40

jennie shoulder 32


2. Former Wonder Girls member Ahn Sohee

When Ahn Sohee promoted as a member of Wonder Girls, she was known for her mandu cheeks and monolids which resembled cat eyes, and gained lots of love and attention for her visuals!

sohee 8

sohee 7

sohee 5

sohee 4

sohee 3

sohee 6


3. ITZY’s Yeji

ITZY‘s Yeji is another idol very well-known for her slanted, cat-like eyes, and when she smiles, they transform into the cutest eyesmile ever!

yeji casual 50

yeji casual 39

yeji 4

yeji casual 20

yeji casual 19

yeji casual 14


4. (G)I-DLE’s Minnie

(G)I-DLE‘s Minnie has very unique features, and one of them are her heavy-lidded cat eyes, that make her visuals super dreamy!

minnie 2

minnie bangs 1

minniee 2

minnie 1

minnie 3

minnie 4


5. Former 2NE1 member CL

Former 2NE1 member CL is another idol very famous for her cat-like eyes, that heightened her charisma and made her look super chic!

cl 7

cl 6

CL 4

cl 2

씨엘, 달콤 키스 쪽쪽쪽

cl 8


6. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is famous for her monolids and her beautiful cat-eyes, and she charms fans with her amazing talent and cute visuals!

seulgi event 50

seulgi event 16

seulgi makeup 29

seulgi makeup 12

seulgi makeup 6

seulgi makeup 2


7. fromis_9’s Saerom

fromis_9‘s Saerom has big, slanted eyes, that often resemble those of adorable wide-eyed cats!

saerom 8

saerom 7

saerom 6

saerom 5

saerom 3

saerom 2


8. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon also has monolids, and they look like very charming cat-eyes!

soyeon blonde 1

soyeon hands 2

soyeon hands 1

soyeonn 1

soyeon 3

soyeon blonde 2


9. Lovelyz’s Yein

Lovelyz‘s maknae Yein has very distinctive features, and one of them are large, slanted cat-eyes that make her look super pretty!


yein 3

yein 2

yein 1

yein 6

yein 5

yein 4


10. LOONA’s Haseul

LOONA‘s leader Haseul has adorable eyes with monolids that totally resemble cat-eyes!

haseulie 1


haseul 1

haseul 3

haseul 7

haseul 6

haseul 5

haseul 4


11. gugudan’s Mina

gugudan‘s Mina is another idol with monolids, and her gorgeous cat-eyes totally add uniqueness to her beautiful visuals!

gg mina 6
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gg mina 7

gg mina 5

gg mina 4

gg mina 3

gg mina 2

gg mina 1

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