K-Pop idols need to have incredible stamina for all of their iconic performances, and no-one does fit like these idols! Here are 11 female idols who are super swole, and make us all jealous with their insanely toned physique!

1. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is an amazingly charismatic performer, and absolutely shines onstage! Her toned physique helps her deliver the most intricate dance performances, and she slays in every outfit she wears!

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2. TWICE’s Chaeyoung

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is smol, but she’s also super swole! Her toned body looks especially fit in sleeveless blouses, and she kills it on stage!

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3. gugudan’s Sejeong

gugudan‘s Sejeong is an idol well know for her well-defined muscles! She’s revealed her love for mountain climbing many times, and that requires some serious lifting at the gym!

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4. ITZY’s Yeji

ITZY‘s Yeji is another idol well-known for her slim yet toned physique! As the main dancer of the group, she boasts an incredible stamina that helps her carry out the intense dance routines of ITZY, and increases her athletic ability as well!

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5. TWICE’s Momo

TWICE’s Momo has super well-defined muscles, and is known to work out a ton! She goes to the gym regularly, and also tones her body with TWICE’s intense choreographies!

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6. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy first shocked fans with her defined muscles during a performance of “Peek-A-Boo” in 2018, and has also revealed that she works on her body by going to the gym regularly and also doing pilates!

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7. Soyou

Former SISTAR member Soyou is an idol well-famed for her muscular and fit body! She’s revealed that she maintains her muscles by intense workouts and healthy foods that she makes herself from scratch!

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8. Hyolyn

Hyolyn is another member of SISTAR known for her toned and fit physique! She boats a powerful set of vocals, and powerful muscles as well!

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9. Girls Generation’s Yuri

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri is the representative fit idol from her group, and rightly so! She has always been very vocals about her love for exercise, and does a wide range of activities, from swimming to the gym to yoga and dance as well!

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10. EXID’s Hani

EXID‘s Hani is well-known for her muscular “honey-thighs”, and boasts a very strong and toned physique!

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11. WJSN’s Cheng Xiao

WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao is the main dancer of her group, and has been dancing from a very young age! She’s especially notable for her acrobatic abilities, such as doing a flip in mid-air with no hand support, which needs a ton of muscles to accomplish perfectly. She is an idol who boasts incredible visuals and muscles as well!

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