Valentine’s Day is upon us – a day that conjures images of nervous confessions, yummy chocolates, gorgeous roses, and cute couple outfits. There’s no denying it’s a holiday made for those in love. But that doesn’t mean those who are single can’t enjoy it too! Whether you’re waiting for your prince/princess charming, getting over a break up, happily enjoying the single life, or just sick of love songs, we’ve got 11 K-pop songs that should definitely be on your playlist this Valentine’s Day.

1. “I Am The Best” – 2NE1

The title of this iconic K-pop anthem says it all. Since Valentine’s Day is about love, why not show yourself some love by celebrating your own, individual awesomeness with the fierce ladies of 2NE1? This Valentine’s Day, turn up the volume and sing it out at the top of your lungs – “I Am The Best!”

2. “Yes I Am” – MAMAMOO

Find your inner confidence this Valentine’s Day with MAMAMOO’s “Yes I Am.” If you’re feeling pressured to change who you are to conform to someone else’s standards or ideals, just listen to this fun song and remember that you’re unique and full of color – all things which deserve to be celebrated!

3. “What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover” – Yoseob & Gayoon

Even if you’re single, you’ve got to admit that one of the fun parts of Valentine’s Day is seeing what other couples are doing and getting ideas for your own future relationships. “What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover” captures all those cute little hopes and puts them into a sweet duet that you’re sure to love.

4. “I Don’t Need A Man” – miss A

For all the independent ladies out there who are living like a boss, this song is for you! In “I Don’t Need A Man,” miss A highlights the importance of realizing your own worth, purpose, and potential whether you’re in a relationship or not.

5. “Wings” – Daesung

Breaking up sucks, especially around a love-centered holiday like Valentine’s Day. But “Wings” isn’t your typical break up song. It turns the pain and sadness of ending a relationship into an anthem about getting back up and believing in good things to come. So if you’ve got a broken heart, let BIGBANG’s Daesung lift your spirits. Soon you’ll be singing along, “Today it’s okay.”

6. “Fire” – BTS

Being single can be rough because it seems like eventually everybody starts to judge you for not being in a relationship. But in “Fire,” BTS reminds us it’s important to let the expectations of others just roll off your shoulders and instead spend your time and energy enjoying life!

7. “Crooked” – G-Dragon

As we said before, breaking up is not a fun experience. And, despite Daesung’s message in “Wings,” sometimes you just can’t muster any good feelings or hope for the future. But, you don’t have to! For those left feeling bitter and betrayed this Valentine’s Day, G-Dragon’s “Crooked” is the perfect way to vent and let your anger loose.

8. “Supa Solo” – G.NA

Whoever thinks you can’t be happy being single has obviously never heard G.NA’s “Supa Solo.” With an old-school beat and catchy lyrics all about loving, appreciating, and enjoying the single life, this song is perfect to put on repeat this Valentine’s Day.

9. “Crazy” – 4Minute

Let’s face it. Some of us are single because we’re just too much fun to handle. Other people might not understand or appreciate your uniqueness, but the sassy ladies of 4Minute do! So forget your loneliness, unleash your inner weirdo, and go crazy with 4Minute’s appropriately titled “Crazy.”

10. “Ssenunni” – Jessi

Anyone going solo this Valentine’s Day can take a lesson on single swag from the gorgeous and fierce Jessi. Not in a relationship? Who cares! Unapologetically celebrate your own strength, beauty, and power by rocking out to “Ssenunni” and it’ll put you in a mood that no one and nothing will be able to bring you down from.

11. “Palette” – IU

One of the greatest feelings in life is realizing you’re content and comfortable in your own skin. And, believe it or not, being single is an awesome way to achieve this! It’s a chance to learn to be yourself and love yourself without letting other people influence you. IU’s “Palette” is a great reminder of the value of this kind of self-awareness and appreciation, and will help you feel proud and satisfied this Valentine’s Day.

What songs are you rocking out to this Valentine’s Day, Soompiers? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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