After postponing late last year due to COVID-19, PENTAGON‘s leader Hui has enlisted in the army.

Like all Korean males, Hui will have to complete his mandatory military service for approximately 18 months.

Here are 11 iconic Hui moments so we don’t get too sad waiting for his return!

1. This iconic introduction

Don’t worry Hui, we all know you’re the leader of PENTAGON.

2. His sexy Breakers performance with KARD‘s Somin

It was captivating, sensual and enticing.

3. The Road to Kingdom Vocal ‘HHHHH’ Unit

Nothing beats some sparkles and high-energy music.

4. Living his Trot Dream in Super Five

Nothing beats some sparkles and high-energy music.

5. Load to Kingdom

Hui, It’s Road to Kingdom… 

6. Hui dancing to BLACKPINK‘S “Playing with Fire”

Is BLACKPINK missing a member?

7. When he wanted to hold hands with Kino and Shinwon

Not even Kino’s protests could stop Hui from locking fingers with his friends.

8. When he got emotional before Jinho’s enlistment

It was enough to bring all “Universe” (PENTAGON’s fandom) to tears.

9. When he explained the meaning of the bridge in “Basquiat”

He wanted the words to be the light for fans when they were feeling down.

10. His Weekly Idol Aegyo

It’s cute enough to melt even the iciest of hearts!

11. The 1theK “Sha La La” Suit Dance Cover

There’s nothing better than a well-dress man in a suit.