Red Velvet‘s Irene visited Vogue Korea‘s studios to give everyone a full look into what she typically carries in her bag. Though the size of her bag dictates how many items she has on her at any given time, she brought along a big one to reveal her eleven must-have items.

1. Phone

1 red velvet irene vogue korea

The first item that Irene needs to carry at all times is one everyone is familiar with: her cell phone. She has a luxury PRADA cover to keep it in mint condition, “I don’t like having phone cases, but it became a must because I drop my phone.

2. Hair Accessories

2 red velvet irene vogue korea

To keep her flyaways in place, she carries a PRADA hair clip for a pop of style. “It’s very simple but can attract attention.” Just in case she needs to pull her hair back, Irene also keeps a soft scrunchie on hand.

3. Tangle Teezer

3 red velvet irene vogue korea

Lately, Irene has been trying out a new hairstyle, “I have been wearing hair extensions these days, so my hair keeps splitting.” She’s found that carrying a Tangle Teezer brush smooths her hair down best.

4. Card Wallet

4 red velvet irene vogue korea

Rather than a traditional wallet that has tons of slots for cards and various compartments, Irene keeps it simple. She sticks with a thin cardholder, “I don’t like keeping receipts, and I like something that fits in my hand.

5. AirPods And Case

5 red velvet irene vogue korea

Like many individuals with an iPhone, Irene has a set of the well-known AirPods to go along with it. Thanks to a fan, she even has an adorable purple pouch to store them in:

This was a gift from my fan. I didn’t know what to use it for, and now I keep my precious AirPods here.

— Irene

6. Makeup Pouch

6 red velvet irene vogue korea

Since idols are often attending schedules and always look their best, Irene has a dedicated pouch to store all her on-the-go makeup.

7. Face Spray

7 red velvet irene vogue korea

Since makeup can look lifeless after long wear, Irene loves to keep Clinique‘s Moisture Surge Face Spray on hand. It brings everything back to life, “Because I wear makeup a lot, I spray this on my face when I take a break… This is my go-to item.

8. Hand Sanitizer And Swabs

8 red velvet irene vogue korea

During these times, Irene placed safety first with her cotton candy hand sanitizer, “Keep your hands clean at all times.” She even practices the same cleanliness with her phone, which she uses alcohol swabs to sanitize.

9. Mouth Spray

9 red velvet irene vogue korea

While some idols are known to keep a toothbrush handy for a thorough brushing, Irene once again keeps it simple with a minty spray that’s just as effective. “I bought this at a supermarket when I was abroad last year… It’s slightly sweet, so I like it.

10. Lip Balm

10 red velvet irene vogue korea

Whether Irene is wearing a full-face of makeup or going for a laidback look, the one lip product she can always wear is Clinique’s Moisturizing Lip Color Balm. “This color isn’t too much for a no-makeup look.

11. Nail Treatment

11 red velvet irene vogue korea

Because Red Velvet often changes their nail colors for their promotions, it has wear and tear on their natural nails.

Irene carries a nail strengthener to prevent it from doing as much damage. “So the nails become really weak, and it just rips. So I always file my nails little by little and try to coat it with strengthener.

From safety to a few cosmetics, Irene has all the basics covered with everything she keeps in her luxury handbags.