The producers of the “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships” have their own win to celebrate, as the broadcast of the second part of the special event took first place in its time slot.

According to a report by Nielsen Korea that was released on September 30, the second part of the Chuseok special “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships” reached 9.9% in the ratings, which also put it in first place on the list of Chuseok specials that day.

This is 0.7% more than the first part of the “11th Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which brought in 9.2% of viewers the previous day on September 28.

There were around 300 participants in this year’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” including members from many hugely popular groups. You can check out a recap of the events here.

Other popular Chuseok specials included SBS‘ “Who’s Your Mother?” which came in at 8.1%, and MBC‘s “King of Mask Singer” special which reached 8% in the ratings.

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