With his symmetrical features, small face, and endless charisma, BTS‘s V is no stranger to being called a visual. While his stage and TV makeup amplify his good looks, his bare face is undoubtedly just as gorgeous.

Check out some of the best examples below!

1. A live broadcast can’t hide his good looks


2. His “On Vacation” face is the best, really

v i'm on vacation

3. He’s heart-stopping even when just laying around

V glasses

4. No amount of sweat can detract from his visuals

v performance

5. He’s gorgeous even in a PC Bang

v pc bang

6. He can give the most adorable smiles

v smile

7. Imagine him looking straight at you?

v car

8. He’s bare-faced and full of beauty


9. He looks even fresher without makeup

10. No one can deny V’s visuals


11. How does his skin look so good?

v celine

12. It’s official, bare-faced V is a superior V

v airport