As “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” is soon coming to an end and we reminisce on past episodes, we are reminded of how utterly charming the two boys in the drama are. Park Hyung Sik as An Min Hyuk and Ji Soo as In Guk Doo have stolen our hearts. Here are just 10 of the many moments to look back on.

Warning: spoilers ahead

1. An Min Hyuk risking his life for Do Bong Soon

And his incessant whining in order to get Do Bong Soon’s attention.

2. An Min Hyuk’s heart-stopping confession

This will go down as being the best confession scene of 2017 so far. Agree?

3. Guk Doo’s protectiveness of Bong Soon

…and admitting that Do Bong Soon looks pretty.

4. This intimate arm grab

Ugh, seriously. Get a partner that looks at you the way Park Hyung Sik looks at Park Bo Young… I mean, the way An Min Hyuk looks at Do Bong Soon.

5. When Guk Doo realizes his feelings a bit too late.

The ship has sailed, but it’s ok, because we love him still.

6. Min Hyuk’s agonizing plea.

7. Guk Doo’s adorable jealousy

8. Guk Doo’s heartbreaking confession

9. The moments where Park Hyung Sik fans are able to imagine that he’s talking to us.

10. When Min Hyuk holds Bong Soon so lovingly in his arms.

11. That entire library scene in episode 11.

12. The almost kiss

… to the real kiss.

13. The millions of times Min Hyuk gazes longingly at Bong Soon

My heart. Can’t handle it.

Hey Soompiers, what has been your favorite Park Hyung Sik or Ji Soo moment in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”? Let me know in the comments below!

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