Misheard lyrics is something that every music fan has trouble with, whether the type of music they like to listen to is in their language or not. In K-Pop, however, there have been many songs where Korean lyrics can easily be misheard as English words! Here are 14 instances of the most commonly misheard lyrics in K-Pop, some of which are quite hilarious.

1. “Baby geogiseo jilleoss-eo” in SF9’s “Now Or Never”

Mistaken as: “Baby don’t be so jealous”

2. “Wonhae manhi manhi” in BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Mistaken as: “Wonhae money money”

3. “Era moreugessda” in BIGBANG’s “FXXK IT”

Mistaken as: “And I wanna get down” (which is also included in the song!)

4. “Oh girl, there’s something ’bout your barae barae barae” in Taemin’s “Press Your Number”

Mistaken as: “Oh girl, there’s something ’bout your body, body, body”

5. “Neomu areumdaun, daun, daun, daun view” in SHINee’s “View”

Mistaken as: “Neomu areum down, down, down, down view”

6. “Seotun nal won’t you set me free” in BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last”

Mistaken as: “So tonight won’t you set me free”

7. “Ppallippalli pihae right, cherry bomb feel it yum” in NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”

Mistaken as: “Bullet bullet here, like cherry bomb, feel it yo”

8. “Amugeona seokkeo beorillae OK OK” in Dreamcatcher’s “Black or White”

Mistaken as: “I’m gonna f**k/suck up all the light okay, okay”

9. “Naega neol bichuneun yuilhan spotlight” in MONSTA X’s “Shine Forever”

Mistaken as: “I got a picture of you in the spotlight”

10. “I’m like a bird, naragalge” in SEVENTEEN’s “Highlight”

Mistaken as: “I’m like a bird, not a turkey”

11. “Ripseutik jitge bareugo” in G.Na’s “Banana”

Mistaken as: “Lipstick chicken butter roll”

12. “Ni mamsoke” in EXO’s “Monster”

Mistaken as: “Me, I’m so gay”

13. “I got a boy meotjin, I got a boy chakan” in Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy”

Mistaken as: “I got a boy on my chin, I got a boy chicken”

14. “Isanghage” in TWICE’s “Heart Shaker”

Mistaken as: “Is Sana gay?”