BTS recently made K-pop history with their win at the Billboard Music Awards. Not only did they become the first K-pop group to win an award at Billboard, but they were also the first musician to receive over 300 million votes for the Top Social Artist award! This unprecedented social media attention led them to see an outrageous amount of press coverage, as the international music scene is currently scrambling to find out everything they can about these talented artists.

Here are just a few of our favorite moments from BTS’s appearance at the BBMAs on May 21 that took over the internet.

1. When ARMY got hit with this epic slow motion shot of BTS on the magenta carpet.

2. When they were named best dressed because of their dashing appearances.

3. When Jin and Jungkook went viral as the “third from the left” and the “one in the middle.”

4. When Rap Monster gets embarrassed about being called a heartthrob.

5. When they didn’t forget to thank ARMY every chance they got.

6. When this beautiful pan shot leads to V being expectedly adorkable.

7. When Jimin hears BTS fan chants inside the T-Mobile Arena.

8. When they had their fingers crossed for the big award announcement.

9. When they were officially announced the winners of the Top Social Artist award!

We see you going to grab that trophy with a huge smile, Suga!

10. When everyone wanted to meet them, take photos with them, and congratulate them!

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11.1. When they received a landslide of media coverage in the United States.

11.2. They also made news broadcasts all over Korea with their win.

12. When Rap Monster missed the photo with Halsey and asked fans to photoshop him in.

This resulted in all types of responses that only a fandom as fun as ARMY can produce!

Thankfully he did eventually get a realistic one after all of the hilariously creative ones.

13. When they were honest about their humble beginnings and asked for a chance to perform at the BBMAs next year.

14. Absolutely every interview and photo of BTS at the BBMAs!

There are too many photos and videos of BTS at the Billboard Music Awards to include them all; but here are just a few of our favorites to top of this list of memorable BTS BBMA moments!

These photos are from Billboard. If you want to see more amazing pics of BTS then be sure to check out their official gallery here!

Which BTS Billboard Music Awards moment is your favorite?

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