As the cold winter weather returns, it’s easy to forget the warmth of summer. Check out these sexy B-sides and let their hot beats defrost you.

1. Words Don’t Come Easy – MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO’s captivating vocals will get rid of your winter chills. Words definitely don’t come easy after listening to this titillating song.

2. Body & Soul – B.A.P

Watch this heart-stopping fancam if you dare! B.A.P knows how to destroy their fans! This sensual melody will stick with you forever.

3. Play Me – Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin has many, many sexy tracks that match his alluring vocals. Check out his performance at this year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards if you can’t get enough!

4. Give It To Me – Crush (ft. Jay Park, Simon D)

Crush’s vocals are impossible to resist! This X-rated slow jam goes from 0 to 10 thanks to Jay Park and Simon D.

5. Yellow Light – Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

“Yellow Light” is one of the more innocent of this list. Despite this, the enchanting melody gives the song an all-round sultry feel.

6. When, Where, What, How? – Park Kyung (Block B) (ft. Jo Hyun Ah)

Park Kyung is suave and swanky in this classy duet. Jo Hyun Ah’s dreamy voice and Park Kyung’s boyish charm make a hot duo!

7. Tattoo – Elo

‘Tattoo” is one of the racier tracks from Elo’s long-awaited album Eight Femmes. Elo’s rich voice and Jay Park’s falsetto create one full-toned atmosphere!

8. Turn Off Your Phone Remix – Jay Park (ft. Elo)

Jay Park makes another appearance on this list! He’s know for his suggestive lyrics and “Turn Off Your Phone” is no different. Elo and Jay need to collaborate more often if the result is this hot!

9. Lady Luck – EXO

EXO-L’s are lucky that this steamy track exists! This song is a down-right blessing. “EXODUS” was an album that kept on giving!

10. Give U Class – 2PM

2PM couldn’t not be on a list of sexy songs! “Give U Class” will give you a lot of emotions, that’s for sure!

11. Moon – Jonghyun (SHINee)

Like his fellow SHINee member Taemin, Jonghyun has a lot of sexy songs. He even manages to make Happy Birthday sexy! There’s just something about his flirtatious voice that you can’t ignore.

12. Coach Me – San E & Hyorin (ft. Jooheon)

Hyorin’s breathy voice sets the sexy mood from the start. This lustful chorus is one to stick in your mind all day!

13. Heaven’s Day – Changmin (TVXQ)

Don’t watch this is you want to live to see BIGBANG release “MADE”! Changmin knows exactly how to slay fans with his charisma and hypnotizing vocals.

14. I Know – Topp Dogg

The alluring beat of this tempting B-side is like velvet. Their soothing vocals should not be overlooked!

Which sexy song if your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

vb2608 is a barista who just so happens to be BTS trash. Follow her on Instagram to see which trends she’s dying over!