This year is the 14th anniversary since the debut of Korea’s longest running idol group Shinhwa.  The six-member group has gotten back together after a four year break to release their 10th album.  At the same time, they are introducing their own TV program.

Channel JTBC will be airing the program “Shinhwa Broadcast.”  Shinhwa members have appeared on many television programs before, but this is the first time they have their own name in the title.

JTBC is still preparing “Shinhwa Broadcast” so the title is the only known information at this point.  The first air date and specific concept for this show is undisclosed.

Shinhwa has been busy preparing for their comeback. But they still have been discussing the program and providing feedback to the crew. They also directly requested meetings with the producers to show their active involvement with the program planning.

JTBC plan to start filming for “Shinhwa Broadcast” next week as Minwoo was recently discharged from military service.