Park Ji Min and Baek Yerin of 15& recently dressed up as adorable witches for Halloween.

Park Ji Min tweeted the following photo of the two girls dressed up as participants in the “MBC Music Show! Champion” program. 

In the photo, Park Ji Min and Baek Yerin are paired with matching black capes and adorable dresses. Yerin is wearing a pointed witch’s hat and Ji Min is wearing a festive Halloween headband. And for the final touch, the girls are both seen here clutching onto a plastic jack-o-lantern shaped container for candy.

Netizens who saw the photo commented with, “They look so adorable!”, “I can definitely tell from this photo that Ji Min has worked hard to lose a lot of weight” and “I think they’re talking about how they’re going to distribute the candy.”

The two girls of 15& have been busy in promoting their debut track, “I Dream” and are currently being managed by JYP Entertainment. Both have grabbed the media spotlight for their amazing vocal talent at such a young age.