Idols try out a whole bunch of hair colors and styles, and seem to pull it off, no matter what! Here are 15 female idols who look so good in both straight hair and curly hair, you won’t be able to pick a favorite!

1. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

(G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi is a whole cutie who suits both curly and straight hair ridiculously well!

Straight hair

straight curly 1

straight curly 4

straight curly 3

straight curly 2


Curly hair

straight curly 5

straight curly 8

straight curly 7

straight curly 6


2. Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri is known for her youthful features that seem to go with anything!

Straight hair

yeri crop 44

yeri black 24

yeri black 14

yeri black 11


Curly hair

yeri crop 23
| @yerimiese/ Instagram

yeri era 27
| SM Entertainment

yeri era 9
| SM Entertainment




BLACKPINK Rosé’s beauty is literally complimented by any style she tries on!

Straight hair

rose profile 21

rose shoulder 7

rose shoulder 13

rose black 31


Curly hair

rose shoulder 21

rose shoulder 24

straight curly 9

rose black 7


4. IU

IU is a visual queen who can slay both curly and straight hairstyles!

Straight hair

iu suit 44

iu suit 37

iu choker 30

IU hands 2


Curly hair

iu shoulder 34

iu shoulder 14

iu shoulder 49

IU sweater 43


5. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon‘s visuals are unreal in both curly and straight hair!

Straight hair

taeyeon hair 72

taeyeon casual 30

taeyeon crop 49

taeyeon casual 21


Curly hair

taeyeon hair 95
| @taeyeon_ss/ Instagram

taeyeon hair 94
| SM Entertainment

taeyeon bc 2
| SM Entertainment

taeyeon shoulder 11


6. TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE‘s visual maknae Tzuyu is so pretty, she pulls off both straight and curly hair ridiculously well!

Straight hair

tzuyu choker 33

tzuyu profile 7

tzuyu crop 6

tzuyu black 49


Curly hair

tzuyu curly 39
| JYP Entertainment

tzuyu curly 9

tzuyu curly 32

tzuyu curly 8



BLACKPINK Lisa‘s unreal features suit both curly and straight hair so well!

Straight hair

lisa profile 32

lisa glasses 19

lisa glasses 8

lisa bangs 2


Curly hair

lisa bc 4

lisa bc 6

lisa black 35

lisa lips 2


8. Oh My Girl’s YooA

Oh My Girl YooA‘s doll-like face looks super good in both curly and straight hair!

Straight hair

yooa 2

yooa 3

yooa hands 3

yooa stage 11


Curly hair

yooa lips 2

yooa stage 23

yooa stage 44

yooa stage 47


9. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is a visual queen who can pull off anything!

Straight hair

wheein carpet 20

wheein carpet 12

wheein hair 51

wheein hair 17


Curly hair

wheein carpet 31

wheein hair 52

wheein suit 45

wheein suit 10


10. Red Velvet’s Irene

Red Velvet‘s Irene is an ethereal beauty, who’s extremely attractive visuals look good with everything!

Straight hair

irene red 13

irene black 24

irene black 14

irene black 2


Curly hair

irene curly 16
| SM Entertainment

irene curly 5
| SM Entertainment

irene curly 14

irene curly 7


11. (G)I-DLE’s Soojin

(G)I-DLE‘s Soojin with curly and straight hair are both gorgeous, giving off a sexy aura to her!

Straight hair

soojin body 37

soojin body 21

soojin body 9

soojin lips 2


Curly hair

soojin body 1

soojin lips 1

soojin body 15

soojin crop 16


12. Hyuna

Hyuna is a sexy queen, and stays sexy in both straight and curly hair!

Straight hair

hyuna crop 41

hyuna crop 34

hyuna crop 13



Curly hair

hyuna hair 48

hyuna hair 54

hyuna hair 74

hyuna crop 5


13. TWICE’s Sana

TWICE‘s resident cutie-sexy member Sana is a visual in both curly and straight hair!

Straight hair

sana dress 22

sana rainbow 34

sana choker 52

sana choker 5


Curly hair

sana pic 12

sana pic 6

sana plaid 7

sana curly 25

sana curly 24


14. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is a gorgeous woman in both straight and curly hair!

Straight hair

hwasa boots 19

hwasa stockings 26

hwasa short 3

hwasa boots 34


Curly hair

hwasa boots 31

hwasa lips 3

hwasa lips 2

hwasa stockings 13


15. CLC’s Yeeun

CLC‘s Yeeun is a badass queen in both curly and straight hair!

Straight hair

yeeun suit 39

yeeun suit 6

straight curly 11

straight curly 12


Curly hair

straight curly 13

straight curly 16

straight curly 15

straight curly 14