We’ve already taken a look at the line distributions of some of the most popular K-Pop songs of the summer, so here are 15 more! From duets to large groups, there have been a lot of great comebacks so far this season, but just how even are the lines between the members? These graphs will show you the percentage of lines that each member has in each song, so you can determine for yourself how fair you think they are!

15. “Beach Again” by SSAK3

meta-chart (49)

14. “Cloud 9” by CRAVITY

meta-chart (50)

13. “Count 1, 2” by TOO

meta-chart (51)

12. “Easy” by Stray Kids

meta-chart (52)

11. “100” by SuperM

meta-chart (53)

10. “Thunder” by VERIVERY

meta-chart (54)

9. “Tag Me” by Weeekly

meta-chart (55)

8. “When We Disco” by J.Y. Park & Sunmi

meta-chart (56)

7. “My My” by SEVENTEEN

meta-chart (57)

6. “Boca” by Dreamcatcher

meta-chart (58)

5. “Puma” by TXT

meta-chart (59)

4. “Dessert” by Hyoyeon ft. Soyeon & Loopy

meta-chart (60)

3. “Mayday” by VICTON

meta-chart (61)

2. “The Answer” by AB6IX

meta-chart (62)


meta-chart (63)