YouTube is one of the most important platforms for K-pop artists to share their work with their fans. Other than watching videos, looking at a group’s subscriber count is a good way to gauge how many people are taking interest in them. As their popularity rises, so does their subscriber count! Here are the 15 male K-Pop acts who gained the most subscribers in the month of March.

15. EXO’s Lay

EXO’s Lay gained 110,000 new subscribers, putting him at 1.4 million in total.

15 lay weibo
| Weibo

14. SHINee

Following their comeback with “Don’t Call Me,” SHINee gained 120,000 subscribers and now have 2 million in total.

14 shinee sm
| SM Entertainment


BELIFT LAB’s rookie boy-group ENHYPEN also gained 120,000 subscribers in March and have 2.3 million overall.

13 enhypen BELIFT LAB


NCT Dream gained 140,000 subscribers in the past month, adding up to a total of 2.6 million.

12 nct dream sm
| SM Entertainment

11. WayV

Adding to their 2.6 million subscriber count, WayV gained 150,000 new ones in March.

11 wayv sm
| SM Entertainment


ASTRO also gained 150,000 new subscribers and now have 4 million in total!

10 astro fantagio
| Fantagio Entertainment

9. EXO

EXO are the third group to have gained 150,000 new subscribers in the past month, amounting to 7.3 million overall.

9 exo sm
| SM Entertainment

8. NCT

The whole of NCT gained 170,000 new subscribers and now have 3.4 million in total.

8 nct twitter NCTsmtown
| Twitter/@NCTsmtown

7. TXT

TXT also saw a 170,000 increase in subscribers in the past month and currently have 6.3 million in total.

7 txt bighit
| Bighit Entertainment

6. TREASURE (트레저)

YG Entertainment’s rookie boy-group TREASURE gained 190,000 new subscribers, putting them at 3.7 million total.

6 treasure yg
| YG Entertainment

5. NCT 127

NCT 127 gained 200,000 subscribers in March, adding up to 3 million overall.

5 nct127 twitter NCTsmtown_127
| Twitter/@NCTsmtown_127

4. GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang also gained 200,000 new subscribers, putting him at 3.8 million in total.

4 jackson wang jyp
| JYP Entertainment

3. iKON

Moving up a huge 17 spots from last month, iKON gained 210,000 subscribers over that time, earning them 8 million in total.

3 ikon yg
| YG Entertainment

2. Stray Kids

JYP Entertainment‘s 8-piece group gained 230,000 new subscribers and currently have 5.9 million overall.

2 stray kids clio

1. BTS

As expected, BTS remain at first place with a 1.3 million subscriber gain in the past month, with a total of 46.8 million.

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