BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is undoubtedly beautiful when she’s all done up for stage performances or magazine shoots. No one can deny, however, that her bare face is just as gorgeous. Her skin is so flawless that she looks like she has at least concealer on.

Check out some of her best bare-faced moments below!

1. In pre-debut times


2. With her favorite pets


3. In a cozy large sweater

zero makeup on

4. In a candid airport photo

jennie supreme

5. With a simple smile and confidence


6. In a photo with Kuma


7. In an episode of BLACKPINK House

bp house

8. With nature as her background

jennie bare face

9. In a cute black cap


10. In a comfy and casual setting

jennie casual

11. With her all-natural good looks

jennie 170925

12. With her fresh airport visuals


13. With her lips in a pout

younger jennie

14. With Kuma and the gang

blackpink kuma

15. And finally, when she’s off for the night