15&’s Park Ji Min, Lee Hi, and Baek A Yeon are coming together for “K-pop Star” once again!

On the April 2 episode of “K-pop Star” season six, the second round of live performances will unfold. The top four – Shannon, Boyfriend (Kim Jong Sub, Park Hyun Jin), Min Ah Ri (Jun Min Joo, Ko Ah Ra, Lee Soo Min), KWINS (Kriesha Chu, Kim So Hee, Kim Hye Rim) – will compete at the semi-finals.

On this day, previous “K-pop Star” contestants Park Ji Min, Lee Hi, and Baek A Yeon will have a special collaboration stage. They were the top three contestants in the first season of “K-Pop Star,” which aired back in 2011. Through this performance, they will return to the stage that made their dreams become reality.

One of the producers of “K-pop Star” season six reminisced, “At the time of season one, Park Ji Min was in her second year of middle school, and Lee Hi in her third year. All three of them were cute teenagers. I still remember how astonished we were by the talent and soulfulness that came out of such little kids. Now they are all grown up and have become singers that are true to their titles. It’s exciting for us as the producers to see them return to the stage that brought them to stardom.”

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