It’s hard to believe it’s already been three years since we first saw SEVENTEEN performing. The 13 boys and their fans have been through so many amazing moments since “Adore U,” and they have grown up to be one of the most successful boy groups of today’s K-pop. Their self-produced songs and synchronized choreographies make them truly outstanding and we can’t wait to see what more they want to show us in the future.

Their relationship with Carats is really extraordinary and they are not afraid to show their true dorky self to their fans. To celebrate their third anniversary, let’s take a look at some crazy moments, when SEVENTEEN members were nothing but the definition of extra!

S.Coups and Joshua and their EDM hit

Shucoup might not be an official sub-unit of SEVENTEEN yet, but if they keep up producing massive hits like this one, Pledis should really consider debuting them. “Piggy Bank” is a bop after all!

Jeonghan winning the high note battle

Luck plays a great role in being successful and Jeonghan definitely knows that now! This high note battle between SEVENTEEN’s vocal team members gets so intense they can’t even decide who’s the real winner so they ended up playing rock-paper-scissors. The results are official now, Jeonghan is the vocalist with the highest pitch!

The true karaoke stars

SEVENTEEN at a karaoke place? Dangerous for sure. You can’t just have one silent moment with the boys around and they know how to enjoy themselves. We wish we could go out and sing with them, too!

Jun being confident

If there’s one thing Carats should learn from our Chinese dance king is that it never hurts to be a bit confident. He knows he’s good and is not afraid to show it to everyone around him. We love a talented and confident man!

Wonwoo, the perfect drama lead

Oh, how we all wish we could be Sohye! Wonwoo’s acting as the cold-hearted male drama lead just screams amazing and it’s high time the boy finally gets his acting debut. His expressions are no joke!

This Mannequin Challenge

Everything about this mannequin challenge is just extra AF. There are several highlights, but one of them is probably Junhui putting that silver bowl on his head. That’s what you would call BIG MOOD.

The members kissing Woozi

Jihoon is not a big fan of skinship, so the hosts of “Weekly Idol” decide to play a little game with him: the other twelve members have the chance to kiss him. He is a true hero and survives the kiss attacks (although we would’ve been delighted to be in his place, let’s be honest).

The ASMR dinner

Dokyeom, Jeonghan, and Vernon were part of the show “After Mom Falls Asleep,” where they had to cook a delicious dinner while keeping quiet. This ASMR show was so entertaining to watch as the three boys showed us their dorkiness and made the whole broadcast funny as hell.

The8 dissing Hoshi

Minghao is usually a true sweetheart, so it was shocking to see him dissing his Performance Team leader Hoshi on broadcast. Just a friendly advise, don’t try to piss Minghao off, it probably won’t end well!

Mingyu’s adorable English

English Time With Seventeen is a must-watch for every Carat, but this Mingyu special edition is one of the greatest parts of the series! Why is it that everything Mingyu does is just plain adorable?

The Christmas version dance practice

We love SEVENTEEN’s intense choreos, but it’s even more fun to see them loosen up a little and create funny versions of their dance practices. This santa version of “Boom Boom” guaranteed us to have a merry Christmas indeed.

DK and Hoshi creating the perfect promo video

This meme video doesn’t really need words. Just watch it!

Seungkwan being an American movie star

Hello, Hollywood? Boo Seungkwan is here and ready to became the next award-winning movie superstar! Just write him a script where he can save Jasmine from every natural disaster of the world.

The double speed dance

SEVENTEEN is in sync, we already know that. But damn, they can keep their sync in movement while dancing  “Don’t Wanna Cry” in double speed, too! Jaw-dropping, show-stopping, what else can we say?

Anything Vernon did before debut

“Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilige.”  If you were looking for the perfect senior quote, just take Hansol’s wise words!

Dino and his visual ranking

SEVENTEEN’s Dino might still be Jeonghan’s baby, but he is not afraid to express his opinion on his group’s visuals. When he was asked to do a visual ranking of the group on “One Fine Day” he didn’t hesitate one bit to put himself first. The truth is all 13 members are too handsome, so it’s easy to see why the maknae had a hard time deciding the order.

The fanchant videos

SEVENTEEN hyping themselves up while doing the fanchants of their own songs? Now this is golden content that all Carats should see! Now they all know the struggle of chanting the names of all 13 members in a really short time. Thankfully Carats are talented rappers, too!

SEVENTEEN gave us countless memorable and funny moments during these three beautiful years spent together and all we could wish for is for them to have a successful future and lots and lots of beautiful times with Carats! Let’s celebrate three years with SEVENTEEN together!

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