Matthew Healy, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the English group The 1975, is receiving hate after posting a mirror selfie of him with his left foot on the South Korean flag.

the 1975 korean flag

Many fans were upset that he was stepping on the flag. The flag, which features the names of the members of the group as well as the words “The 1975 in Seoul” was written on the flag. In response to fans, Healy stated that the flag was his.

korean flag the 1975

After receiving backlash, he deleted the post without an apology. Still, fans saw he had Tweet this tweet, which led many to believe he was irritated with all the hate comments.

korean flag the 1975_1

People are upset with his action and the fact that he didn’t apologize for his actions. Netizens are saying that he is being disrespectful towards the flag and to Koreans and are hoping the group doesn’t return to Korea.

He’s just a f*cking r*tard doing r*tarded sh*t in other people’s country.

– Korean Netizen