ITYM‘s Danny revealed a photo of his son Mr. Lim Joon Hyuk. On December 28, Danny wrote on his own twitter page, “Christian’s 1st Christmas!”

The photo shows Danny’s son, Lim Joon Hyuk, wearing a Santa hat radiating cuteness.  His exceptionally rosy cheeks and resemblance of Danny’s facial features were indeed eye-catching.

Previously, Danny posted a profile silhouette photo through his wedding and proved the existence of his son in mid December. He expressed his happiness in his tweet. “Everyone thanks for the outpouring of love upon the news!!! By the way, the little man’s name is Christian aka Lim Joon Hyuk!!!”

Netizens who encountered the photo of Danny’s child commented, “I was curious after seeing the silhouette photo, he looks a lot like Danny,” “He looks adorable with the Santa hat on~,” and “Whoever knew a day would come when I finally get to see the face of Danny’s son!”