1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung is getting married next April joining the ranks of his fellow married members of the group. A media insider revealed on September 24 that Song Baek Kyung’s wedding will take place in April next year. The location has not been decided.

His bride-to-be is known to have a pretty and youthful looks and works for a concert production company. She is well known in the industry. The couple met while attending Kyung Hee University together studying post-modern music. The bride-to-be is two years younger than Song Baek Kyung.

Song Baek Kyung debuted back in 1998 with Teddy, Oh Jin Hwan, and Danny to form a hip-hop group 1TYM. Their hit songs include “Quejina Ching Ching,” “One Love,” “Mother,” “Hot,” and “Without You” among many others. In 2006, he formed the group Sugarless with Lee Eun Joo, Phryme, and Kim Woo Geun. 1TYM’s last album was released in November of 2005 and Sugarless ended their run as a group with their last album “OAO” released in July of 2007.

Song Baek Kyung currently owns a restaurant and his latest collaboration with Teddy and singer Lee Hi for the song “Rose” was done in 2013.

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