K-pop is known for having its catchy choruses filled with na na nas and no no nos. There’s always that one part of that one song that sticks to your brain like glue. No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop yourself from singing it all day! Here’s a compilation of 20 of the catchiest K-pop songs of all time!

1. “Russian Roulette” – Red Velvet

There’s a lot of la la las in this preppy tune. After one listen you’ll be singing this all da-da-day!

2. “Electric Shock” – f(x)

This electrifying tune finally hit 100 million views on Youtube! The flashy outfits and dangerously addictive chorus make this an unforgettable anthem.

3. “Growl” – EXO

Even if you weren’t listening to “Growl,” you were still humming it. If you weren’t humming, then you were thinking about it. There was no escaping this successful number!

4. “Very Good” – Block B

If this song was played one hundred times in a row, it would still be very, very good.

5. “A” – GOT7

Most of GOT7’s songs are catchy, but this chorus has the capacity to replay in your mind for a long time!

6. “I Got A Boy” – Girls’ Generation

This buoyant tune is the most viewed girl group video on YouTube! With nearly 200 million views three years after its release, it seems “I Got A Boy” still has got a lot of fans!

7. “Dope” – BTS

This epic song is just one of BTS’s bangers. “Dope” was their first MV to reach the 100 million view milestone. That chorus is so extremely pumped that you can’t help but blast it at full volume!

8. “Mansae” – SEVENTEEN

If you double the amount of members in SEVENTEEN, it still wouldn’t match the amount of times they chant mansae. It’s hardly surprising that this is one of their catchiest songs!

9. “Lucifer” – SHINee

There’s nothing not to love about this song. Six years later and the words loverholic, robotronic still echo in your mind!

10. “Like OOH-AHH” – TWICE

One thing needed for a great debut is memorability and TWICE definitely managed that! They even made K-pop YouTube history! Obviously fans still can’t get enough of this song!

11. “Crazy” – 4MINUTE

The electronic bass in this chorus is so relentless  you can feel it for days afterwards. The whole song is exhilarating from start to finish; you’ll go crazy singing along!

12. “I Am The Best” – 2NE1

No catchy K-pop song list would be complete with out this bold, powerful number! It’s fast approaching 200 hundred million views and will forever remain a game changer!

13. “Fantastic Baby” – BIGBANG

No K-pop fan can hear the word “wow” with out feeling a desperation to finish it off with a “fantastic baby.” Being the most viewed boy group song on YouTube, this song is legendary.

14. “Touch My Body” – SISTAR

This summer hit will definitely warm you up this winter. The lively dance became a hit with fans and fellow groups. Check out this funny compilation!

15. “UP&DOWN” – EXID

After a fancam of Hani went viral, this hypnotic song was everywhere. And although the dance was banned on certain shows, it has deeply rooted a place in K-Pop history.

16. “Red” – HyunA

HyunA’s tenacity was red hot with this daring release. There’s no doubt that HyunA slays!

17. “Eye, Nose, Lips” – Taeyang

If you don’t know this song, you must have been asleep during 2014! Everyone, and I mean everyone, was belting out this heartfelt tune!

18. “Hush” – miss A

Red lips? Check! Sexy dancing? Check! This seductive song was on everybody’s lips back in 2013.

19. “Sorry, Sorry” – Super Junior

Sorry, sorry, but this had to be included! Sorry, sorry, but you’re going to be singing it all day!

20. “Mirotic” – TVXQ

No amount of censorship can stop the success of this risque golden oldie! TVXQ’s flawless harmonies and sexy dance moves make this song a winner.

Which of these is the most catchy? What other songs always get stuck in your head? Let us know in the comments!

vb2608 is a barista who just so happens to be BTS trash.