The mischievous BTS members all have their naughty side, and these are 19+ of the most iconic, and naughtiest, things they’ve said yet!

1. ”What you guys need to be excited for is not the back…”

2. “Jungkook, are you naked?”

3. The confession that was beyond Jimin’s jurisdiction

4. “The beautiful woman will take off her robe…”

5. The difference between a kiss and a peck

6. Speaking of kisses…

7. J-Hope meant “freesia”…but that’s not what he said

8. “If it’s Fake Love, it has to be sexual.”

9. The classic story behind BTS’s computer viruses

10. “If you were to choose me, I can show you not the top, but the bottom.”

11. J-Hope’s shower story

12. “Sexy porn star”

13. “If Park Jimin was a girl, he’d go to a bathhouse. The end.”

14. “Something keeps dangling.”

15. The small, shiny chili pepper

16. “I want you.”

17. “Stop touching!”

18. RM’s kisses

19. “I like her material.”

20. The answer to “What’s tasty in Busan?”