There are many friend groups within BTS, proving just how close the members are with each other. One of the fan favorites is Jimin and V. With their adorable personalities and the fact that they’re the same age, they have many memorable moments together.

Check out some of the best ones below!

1. When V hugged Jimin hard

2. When V asked for a hug…not

3. When they leaned on each other

4. When they wore matching bathrobes

5. When they had this iconic “Beach” conversation

6. When they played video games together

7. When V turned to hear what Jimin said

8. When they didn’t know what ‘personal space’ means

9. When they seriously didn’t mind that they didn’t know

10. When Jimin gave V a back hug when he was sad

11. When they played around with sheet masks

12. When they were happy to listen to music together

13. When Jimin carried V like it’s nothing

14. When V hugged Jimin like a teddy bear

15. When Jimin scratched V’s chin

16. When they lay down sleepily

17. When V leaned on Jimin comfortably

18. When they hung out on stage

19. When Jimin hopped on V’s back

20. And when Jimin gave V a kiss