For April Fool’s Day each year, K-Pop idol fan sites like to switch things up by posting other idol members’ photos instead. This year, over 200 fan sites posted photos of BTS’s V as their April Fool’s Day photo and had ARMYs enjoying all the new eye candy!

This thread shows a massive compilation of all the sites that posted a photo of V for this fun day.

Here are some photos from the many that were posted for April Fool’s Day for your viewing pleasure (and ours).

ae3 tae1 tae2 tae4 tae5 tae6 tae7 tae8 tae9 tae10 tae11 tae12 tae13 tae14 tae16 tae17 tae18 tae19 tae20 taw15

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is totally whipped for our visual king Taehyung!