At the time of this article, these are the top 10 performances of 2020 MAMA with the highest view count. Check out the awesome stages below!

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10. TXT’s “Short Hair + She Was Pretty + Dynamite” — 1.5M Views

TXT’s stage “Welcome to the DISCO” brought an exciting medley that even featured a cover performance of their fellow Big Hit Entertainment seniors, BTS.

9. MAMAMOO’s “Aya + Dingga (Agrabah Ver.)” — 1.8M Views

MAMAMOO proved their goddess status with this powerful performance (Just check out the size of those thrones)!

8. Hwasa’s “Maria” — 1.9M Views

Hwasa didn’t let MooMoos hearts rest for long with her “Maria” performance — and showed exactly why she won Best Dance Performance: Solo.

7. Stray Kids’ “Victory Song (MAMA Ver.)” — 2M Views

Stray Kids put on a powerful performance featuring weapons and more, proving they are still victorious in their own right.

6. NCT’s “Resonance” — 2M Views

NCT put on a performance of epic proportions for their latest release, “Resonance.”

5. TWICE’s “Cry For Me” — 2.2M Views

TWICE’s never-before-seen stage has fans begging for an official release of “Cry For Me.”

4. BTS’s “Dynamite” — 2.5M Views

BTS brought some joy and color to MAMA with their explosive “Dynamite” performance.

3. TWICE’s “More & More + I Can’t Stop Me” — 2.7M Views

TWICE put on an alluring performance of the singles from their two previous comebacks.

2. BTS’s “Life Goes On” — 2.8M Views

BTS showed the isolated feeling of life in a pandemic while dreaming of better days with their hopeful song, “Life Goes On.”

1. BTS’s “ON” — 3M Views

This show-stopping performance of “ON” took place at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.