Daily Sports Korea has released their yearly rankings for the Top 10 Most Loved Celebrities in South Korea. All 17 cities in South Korea were surveyed, with a target of between 18 – 69 year olds. Here are the top 10 in order!

1. Yoo Jae Seok

| @hangout_with_yoo/Instagram

Who else but the King of Korea? Yoo Jae Suk is so well-loved by the general public that he’s won this award three years in a row.

2. BTS


Deserving! They’ve swept charts and hearts this year!

3. IU


The reigning queen of K-Pop never fails to amaze.

4. Na Hoon Ah

4 - 1boon kakao
| 1Boon Kakao

For those who aren’t in the know, he’s a trot singer that debuted in 1966.

5. Gong Yoo


Ah, everyone’s universal ahjussi. If we blow out a candle, will he come to us?

6. Park Bo Gum


He’s currently off serving the nation in the navy – but that doesn’t stop us from falling for him!

7. Kim Hye Soo


One of South Korea’s most beloved girl crush actresses!

8. Hyun Bin


He crash-landed right into our hearts.

9. Suzy, Lee Hyori and Lim Youngwoong

| tvN

The three came in at a joint 9th place!

10. Choi Bul Am, Kim Hee Seon, Kang Ho Dong, Ahn Seong Gi and Jun Ji Hyun


A whole bout of actors and actresses came in tied for 10th place.

Did your favourites make it to the list this year?