As a special treat to fans, all twenty-three members of NCT 2020 answered a few questions for the digital version of their album booklet. One of those questions was which member is their favorite lately and why. While some may be expected and others surprising, here’s who every member chose.

1. Chenle — Mark, Kun, And Jeno

nct chenle kun kun11xd instagram
| kun11xd/Instagram

Instead of settling for just one member, the always-rebellious Chenle went with three. He chose Jeno, Kun, and Mark because they’re all “cute and caring.

2. Yangyang — Winwin

wayv disney princesses yangyang_x2
| yangyang_x2/Instagram

The WayV maknae only had eyes for Winwin because of a hilarious yet understandable reason. In the fourth episode of WINformation, they all dressed as Disney princesses. Yangyang couldn’t get over how his hyung looked, “He’s so beautiful in that Cinderella costume.

3. Doyoung — Jeno

nct doyoung jeno

Like the loyal man he is, Doyoung couldn’t choose anyone other than his favorite little brother Jeno: “My heart has never changed.

4. Kun — Chenle

nct chenle kun @NCTsmtown
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Kun took a page right out of Doyoung’s loyalty book. He didn’t want to choose anyone other than the Chenle, “There’s no reason. Always Chenle.

5. Haechan — Winwin

nct winwin haechan

As one of the top members of the “Winwin Lover Group,” Haechan didn’t disappoint by sharing the heartwarmingly sweet reason. “He’s always my favorite. He’s just my love.

6. Jaemin — Jaemin

nct jaemin inkigayo pd note
| Inkigayo PD Note

Switching gears entirely, Jaemin didn’t even have to think through all of the group’s members. No one could compare to the self-love he had for himself, “I should love myself the most.

7. Sungchan — Chenle

nct sungchan

As a new member of the massive group, Sungchan has yet to created many memories with all the members. Still, one connection is bringing him closer to Chenle. “He’s the same age as me.

8. Taeil — Winwin

nct taeil winwin @NCTsmtown
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

As another dedicated member of the “Winwin Lover Group,” Winwin had charms that Taeil couldn’t resist. “He’s kind and innocent.”

9. Johnny — Chenle

nct chenle johnny

The energetic and comedic Johnny met his match in Chenle, who has that same energy. “Super good energy and [a] great person to have around you.

10. Xiaojun — Doyoung

nct xiaojun doyoung djxiao_888 ig
| djxiao_888/Instagram

From one main vocalist to another, Xiaojun proved why he and Doyoung are such a hilarious combination when together. “He’s funny.

11. Hendery — Winwin

nct wayv hendery

For everyone who’s jumped on the Winwin train, Hendery summed it up best: “Who doesn’t like him?

12. Winwin — Yangyang

nct wayv winwin yangyang yangyang_x2
| yangyang_x2/Instagram

While many of the members couldn’t resist his charms, he was fond of Yangyang. “He’s cute.

13. Jungwoo — Haechan

nct jungwoo haechan

Jungwoo stuck with Haechan from how much the two stick by each other’s side, “I often have meals with him.

14. Jisung — Jaemin

nct dream jaemin jisung

No matter how much Jisung playfully rejects Jaemin and doesn’t listen to him, Jisung credits him as being “so fun.

15. Lucas — Mark

superm lucas mark

Lucas was more than ready to show off how much he and Mark are a one-of-a-kind duo. “Lucas❤️Mark. We’re friends.

16. Taeyong — Xiaojun

nct taeyong

From NCT U‘s “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)” promotions, leader Taeyong appreciated all of Xiaojun’s efforts. “I like how hardworking he is.

17. Ten — Winwin

nct wayv ten winwin weibo
| 威神V_TEN_李永钦/Weibo

Ten showed his love for Winwin with all the hearts. “No reason ❤️. Love only ❤️. LOL.

18. Mark — Renjun

nct dream mark renjun

Like Ten, Mark didn’t have a particular reason why Renjun was his favorite. “He’s right next to me right now. LOL.

19. Shotaro — Haechan

nct shotaro

From his growing friendship with Haechan, Shotaro appreciates his kindness even more. “He’s my friend and takes care of me a lot.

20. Yuta — Mark And Chenle

nct yuta chenle

Although Yuta is nearly Mark’s #1 fan, Chenle is also growing on him because they are “so cute.

21. Jaehyun — Chenle

nct chenle jaehyun
| @NCTsmtown/Twitter

Since Jaehyun has a special bond with the members of NCT Dream, Jaehyun is most fond of Chenle lately. “Just him ????

22. Renjun — Winwin

nct renjun

Unlike all the rest of the members who chose Winwin, Renjun hilariously picked him for it to act as an early birthday gift. “His birthday is close, haha. It’s a birthday present.

23. Jeno — Chenle

nct dream jeno chenle @NCTsmtown_DREAM
| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Keeping the fun going, Jeno merely picked Chenle because he’d requested it: “He asked me to.