Boy idol group 24K has announced their comeback after a year and released a short teaser clip!

24K will be coming back on August 1 with “U R SO CUTE.” It has been a year since they released their first mini-album “Hurry Up (Palliwow)” in September of last year.

The 24K members are said to have participated a lot in this new album with writing songs and even coming up with their own choreography. The title track is the same as the album name, “U R SO CUTE,” which is written and produced by 24K’s leader Cory and producer Dani. It is a fun dance track about a guy who has met his perfect ideal woman.

Two other songs will be added onto this upcoming mini-album, including a sad love ballad, “Not Here” and a club dance track with a hip-hop feel, “How Much Will It Take?

24K’s agency Choeun Entertainment commented, “24Kwill be taking on a cute concept with a bright and energetic song.”

24K will have their first comeback stage on “Music Bank” on August 2. Check out their teaser clip below!