24K has posted an announcement ahead of the group’s comeback with important news for fans.

Member Kisu will be enlisting in the army to fulfill his mandatory military service, while the group has decided to add a new member named Kiyong.

Their official statement in English is as follows:

“Today’s announcement is regarding our members’ upcoming activities.

“First we would like to announce a new addition to the 24K lineup. His name is ‘Kiyong’ and he will be promoting with the team for the upcoming 8th mini album. Kiyong is preparing very hard to add new energy as a fresh face to the roster, so please welcome him as one of our own.

“Second, we do have unfortunate news.

“Kisu, who has worked very hard as member and a family to 24U, will be enlisting in the army. In accordance to the Korean law, all Korean citizens (male) must serve time in arms at his age. It was an unfortunate short notice and a surprise to us all, but Kisu has decided to fulfill his mandatory military service with diligence and courage.

“Good news for the fans, Kisu has participated in the making of our upcoming project with his special solo track for the fans (24U). So, please support and listen to his self-produced track dedicated to the fans. As far as the Makestar project goes, he will carry out the promised package perks before enlisting.

“The 8th mini album’s title track will be performed during the 2018 Dream Concert stage at Sangam World Cup Stadium for the first time. The event will be held on Saturday May 12, 2018. The music video and the album will be released on time.

“At the end of the following album activities, 24K and Choeun Entertainment will be on holding another tour to get closer with the fans.

— July: New Zealand, Australia

— August: Europe, Latin America

“Keep yourself posted through all of 24K official SNS and official fan cafe for further information.

“Thank you for joining us for the announcements and stick around for any new tour dates.”

24K’s comeback is planned for late May. It was recently revealed prior to their return that the group was included on the blacklist of former president Park Geun Hye’s government, which may have affected their promotions in the past.

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