Instagram is a popular app for fans to connect with K-Pop idols and groups. Both the groups themselves as well as some individual idols have accounts on the app, and use it to relay messages and announcements to their followers. The following 25 K-Pop groups have the most followers on Instagram; the list just includes groups, and not individual idol accounts. If you’re not following them all already, now might be a good time!

25. Apink (@official.apink2011): 1.06 million followers


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#Repost @gyeonggi_tour • • • • • • [#이벤트] 나도 경기도 여행 가이드 도저~언! ⠀ 달력을 제작하기 위한 투어는 아직 끝나지 않았다???? ⠀ 판다들 주려고 #부천_아트벙커와 #화성_제부도에서 열심히 찍은 달력???? 부터 예술 투혼 발휘한 정성 가득! #안산_그랑꼬또_와이너리 와인병???? 무드등까지 ⠀ 핑수니들과 함께한 내돌투어! 경기도의 다양한 관광 명소를 방문해보았는데요❤️ 아~ 뭔가 아쉬운데? 왜 여기는 안 갔지? 하는 스팟 혹은 같이 방문하면 좋은 주변 관광지를 댓글로 마구마구 추천해주세요! ⠀ 내돌투어 명소 12곳 중 하나 혹은 주변 관광지를 추천해주신 분 중 추첨을 통해 에이핑크가 직접 제작한 굿즈를 선물로 드립니다! ⠀ 체크인경기 유튜브 구독 및 인스타그램 팔로우하면 당첨 확률 UPUP! ⠀ ♥이벤트 기간 : 8. 19.(수) ~ 8. 26.(수) ♥참여 방법 :① 유튜브에서 ‘내돌투어’ 검색 및 영상 시청(총 4편) ② ‘내돌투어’ 영상에 등장한 12곳의 여행지 중 한 곳 추천 또는 지역 대표 먹거리, 인생샷 포토존 등 에이핑크가 놓친 스팟도 추천 가능 ♥이벤트 경품 : 내돌투어 에이핑크 달력(10명) 에이핑크 제작 와인병 무드등(3명) 스타벅스 커피쿠폰(43명) ♥당첨자 발표 : 8. 28.(금) ※랜덤추첨 ⠀ ???? @pic.ture_03님, @_______yun2님, @hong_ggam님

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24. VAV (@vav_official): 1.07 million followers


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#Repost @awesomehaeun ・・・ 음색깡패!남미의프린스! 하늬를쪼꼬미로만들어버리는 기럭지장인!”VAV”오빠들과함께한 콜라보영상!많이사랑해주세요♡ #nahaeun #VAV #M42 #MADE_FOR_TWO #기럭지장인 #awesomehaeun #dance #collaboration #collab #나하은 #브이에이브이 #어썸하은 #댄스 #콜라보 #세인트반 #바론 #에이스 #에이노 #제이콥 #로우 #지우 #ST.VAN #BARON #ACE #AYNO #JACOB #LOU #ZIU @ziu.vav @vav_official @ayno.vav @jacob.vav @stvan.vav @lou.vav @baron.vav @ace.vav

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23. WINNER (@winnercity): 1.59 million followers


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[✨Remember✨] 44 Sec. CLIP #1 ⠀ #Wemember_Remember #WINNER #위너 #3rdFullAlbum #Remember #44SecClip #BehindTheScene #YG

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22. PENTAGON (@CUBE_PTG): 1.72 million followers

21. Super Junior (@superjunior): 1.94 million followers

20. IZ*ONE (@official_izone): 2.04 million followers

19. ATEEZ (@ateez_official_): 3.07 million followers


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Posted @withregram • @polishedman Today we are so excited and proud to announce that the international K-Pop group, @ateez_official_, are Polished Man ambassadors! This unique partnership came about when band member Hong Joong heard about the campaign from other artists and wanted to use his platform to bring about awareness to his fans, so he decided to polish up????. ATEEZ supportive and dedicated fan base called ATINY, got behind the campaign immediately and began donating and setting up fundraising pages in their name. Over the past 12 months they have collectively raised thousands of dollars! This did not go unnoticed to the PM team as we have been receiving touching messages and donations ever since. So today marks the official kick-off to what has been a truly inspiring partnership that came about so organically and from a place of passion for making a difference and a safer place for all children. We are extremely grateful for ATEEZ support and thankful to all of ATINY who have continued to contribute to the campaign all year round! Just to give you a little insight, we have received over hundreds of donations from ATINY’s in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. They have truly #nailedit! If you would like to donate to their page, head to and while you’re there sign-up to the campaign today???? #ateez #atiny PS. We are just over two weeks away until #polishedman Nail Painting month begins on Oct 1st ????

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18. GFRIEND (@gfriendofficial): 3.18 million followers


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17. Wanna One (@wannaone.official): 3.40 million followers

16. iKON (@withikonic): 3.43 million followers

15. WAYV (@wayvofficial): 3.72 million followers

14. SHINee (@shinee): 3.75 million followers

13. NCT Dream (@nct_dream): 4.64 million followers


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???????????????????????? ⠀ #NCTDREAM #드림미니게임 #NCTDREAM_mini_game #채널NCT #채널엔시티

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12. MONSTA X (@official_monsta_x): 4.93 million followers

11. (G)I-DLE (@official_g_i_dle): 5.31 million followers

10. GOT7 (@got7.with.igot7): 6.20 million followers

9. NCT (@nct): 6.47 million followers

8. TXT (@txt_bighit): 7.12 million followers

7. EXO (@weareone.exo): 7.89 million followers

6. Stray Kids (@realstraykids): 8.52 million followers


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Happy Birthday STAY❤ #스키즈는영원히스테이평생스테이 #스트레이키즈의_이유는_스테이 #ForeverSTAY

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5. NCT 127 (@nct127): 8.83 million followers

4. Red Velvet (@redvelvet_smtown): 9.41 million followers

3. TWICE (@twicetagram): 14.46 million followers


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2. BLACKPINK (@blackpinkofficial): 28.90 million followers

1. BTS (@bts.bighitofficial): 30.25 million followers


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⠀ #BTS #방탄소년단 #BTS_Dynamite Group Teaser Photo 1

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