T-ara has recently received a warm welcome in Malaysia.

T-ara had left for Malaysia to for a big-scale showcase performance on October 2 and was welcomed by around 2,500 fans at the airport.

Core Contents Media stated, “Due to the fans’ love, T-ara was not able to leave the airport for about 30 minutes. T-ara was barely able to leave with the help of the airport staff.”

They continued, “When T-ara arrived in Malaysia, despite the fact that it was night time, many fans gathered together and even the staff were surprised.”

T-ara will be holding a showcase at a concert hall in Kuala Lumpur on October 3. All 4,300 tickets were sold out for the Malaysian showcase. Previously, T-ara performed in Hong Kong.

After T-ara’s Malaysian showcase, they will be leaving for Thailand to participate in the Mnet “M! Countdown” Thailand special.

After starting witih Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, T-ara will continue their promotions in other Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. They are currently planning on holding concerts from early to mid 2013.