A documentary that contains the everyday life of 2AM and 2PM will be crated in Japan. On April 10 2AM and 2PM arrived in Japan. At the Haneda Airport they gave the news about their new documentary to 1,500 fans and news sources.

The documentary will be titled, “Beyond the ONEDAY ‘Story of 2PM & 2AM.’” The documentary will have the stories of both groups that began as contestants on an audition program and have now become leaders in K-Pop.

The documentary will also contain the backstage of the 2AM and 2PM concert “JYP NATION in Japan 2011.” It will also contain unseen footage and interviews of the two groups.

2AM stated, “You will be able to meet a 2AM and 2PM that you haven’t yet seen on stage. We want to put our honest daily lives in the movie and share with fans what we feel and think.”

2PM stated, “We spent our trainee days with 2AM, however we don’t’ have that many chances to meet together because of our busy schedules. We are thankful for being able to do a project with our colleagues of 6 years. Also, we hope that many people will learn about us through the documentary.

“Beyond the ONEDAY ‘Story of 2PM & 2AM’” will begin showing in Japan from June 30.