On August 31, the members of 2AM were appointed the honorary ambassadors for the “2012 World Conservation Congress (WCC)” to be held in Jeju Island next year.

This international discussion forum is sponsored by the International Union for Conservation of Nature once every four years.  It’s considered a worldwide event and is even called the “Environmental Olympics” of sorts.  The event will run through September 6th through the 15 for a total of 10 days next year at the Jeju International Convention Center.

As honorary ambassadors for the 2012 WCC, 2AM will be opening the “2012 WCC D-365” event on September 3 with a congratulatory performance.  2AM will also be lending their efforts towards a campaign that aims to spread awareness on the importance of protecting the environment.

“We feel a lot of responsibility after being named the honorary ambassadors for the 2012 WCC.  We’ll sing songs with messages of protecting the environment so that every citizen can listen and realize its importance,” said 2AM’s leader Jo Kwon.